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Ocean Freight

While shipping continues to be very important in international business, it has become more complex than just deliver goods. It is one link in global supply chains that requires assurance, effectiveness and competitiveness for movement of raw materials, parts, or even finished products.

Our today business emphasizes not only on competitive freights, but also assisting valuable customers to manage logistics with quality assurance from selected world-class shipping lines & NVOCC. In deed, our years collaboration with various shipping lines have also given additional advantages, including first priority cargoes, protected spaces, just in time delivery and up to date information.

Our sea packages offer comprehensive services as follows :

    1. FCL (Full Container Loaded)
    Depending on customers' requirements, we provide several selected carriers' and NVOCC's routing options and the best transit-time as well as delivery option (Port-Port, Port-Door, Door-Port and Door-Door). Apart of schedule & delivery flexibility, we could also arrange delivery of various cargoes based on its nature, shape and weight using the following container types :
    • Standard Dry container
    • Reefer container
    • Open Top container
    • Flatrack container

    2. LCL (Less-than-Container Loaded)
    For small volume of cargoes, we provide an option for consolidation service with reliable performance and competitive freight. We could also arrange many delivery options depending on customer's necessities to be either CFS-CFS, CFS-Door, Door-CFS or Door-Door.

    3. NCL (Non-Containerised Loaded)
    In term of oversized cargoes or those unsuitable for container loading, we offer an option to use bulk vessel. Our dedicated team will assist customers to ensure cargoes safety loaded onto the vessel and arrange smooth delivery.

You will simply find the best solutions and the perfect fit for all your different transportation needs with us.
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