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Today Innovation for Future Standard

In this century, the world of international logistics has become more sophisticated, because customers demand more than just competitive freights and short lead-times. As a comprehensive logistics provider, we utilize and blend our competitive advantage of professional staff, latest technology, inner expert knowledge-skills-capabilities, innovative thinking as well as worldwide network, to create fresh ideas to support each customer's logistics challenge.

Supported by those advantages, PT. Blue Ocean Logistics offers various services ranging from sea freight, air-freight, in-land-haulage, or even combination of multimodal transports in order to provide more options with shorter lead-times and competitive prices. Besides, we could also assist pre-export services, including packing, warehousing, fumigating, stuffing, custom handling, insurance and delivery. In assisting customers to make precise decision, we also provide logistic advices to make export - import process to be more certain. As part of our appreciation to expatriate business partners, wa also arrange special removal 'door-door' service for their personal effect. In term of after-sales-service, we ensure that cargoes are safely loaded onto vessel and loading confirmation reports to be issued for customers' references. We trust that customer's successes are also part of our business. Therefore, we have extended our concern is not only until loading process, but when goods are safely received by consignee.
To comply with future and various requirements from our customers, we will always use the wealth of our experience and keep upgrading our global service quality through intensive training, investment in technology and computerize systems as well as enhancing our exposure to global news and new regulation of the logistics business. We trust that our philosophy of 'Think Global - Act Local' will give more benefit to our customers because we could make the seemingly impossible become possible for us.

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